June 6, 2023

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[_BEST_ Full] Steve Hillage Rockpalast 1977

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[_BEST_ Full] Steve Hillage Rockpalast 1977


[FULL] Steve Hillage Rockpalast 1977

In early 1978, Hillage edited “Space City”, a compilation of recordings made at the Manchester Apollo in 1973 and 1974 for Gull Records entitled “Manchester – The Eternal City of Rock Music” (1979).[9] Around this time, he was shooting videotapes directed by Claude Molinier for Bumble Productions, which included a performance of “Zombie Gong” on 17 June 1978 for French television. In 1979, he was part of a pre-recorded live performance of his solo instrumentals at the Grande Halle in Montpellier Centre d’Information et de Coopération Télématique/Radiodiffusion Télévision Suisse (CIC/RTS) and he recorded the live performances of “Return from the Centre of the Eye” (1980) and “Hurdy Gurdy Man” (1980) which form part of the Couleurs sur Couleurs album project.[2] In 1980, he appeared in the music vidgame “Complex” alongside former Gong members Allen, Blake and Tyler.[2] Around the same time, Hillage was chosen to join the Jeff Beck Group lineup for the UK shows; however, the album was unsuccessful and the tour was cancelled. Gradually, he became disillusioned and then slightly angered with Gong, telling the New Musical Express (10 June 1981) that he had “abandoned Gong…many years ago.”[11]

In 1981 Hillage released a solo album, Melody Maker, which received favourable reviews, as did his performances of “House of God” with the Pink Fairies at the 1985 Norwich Festival. The following year he started working with Cheb Nettles as part of a collaboration project with producer John Wood called Steve Hillage & Cheb Nettles. Here, Hillage recorded the singles “Love Comes In Tears”, “Brown Judas” and “The First Sun Rising” which were favourably received critically. A tour followed in 2011 which culminated in Hillage being inducted into the UK Metal Association: Music Hall of Fame.

In 1990, Hillage contributed to the compilation album Hawkwind and Friends on Virgin Records. During 1991-2 he released the albums Venus Vertigo and Satan’s Old Vaudeville on the UK Hindu label.




This post has already been read 70 times!