June 9, 2023

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Mitwa Full Marathi Movie Download

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Mitwa Full Marathi Movie Download

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Mitwa Full Marathi Movie Download

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Marathi movies are rare. What is new? Sonu Nigam will sing Marathi song. That’s all. That’s enough. C’mon, Mangesh Suchak! Suchak is not only famous for his voice. Shesh, suchak is a very talented singer. His films are not so popular with success. The film industry is in a sad state. What are we doing wrong. We are not getting this great music like in the past. That’s our problem. Music of the past was great. Music of the 1960s. 1970s. even 1980s. Music was so unique. Suchak, if you are reading this, I want to invite you to the studios of Marathi language. You can sing for your songs and movies. Perhaps, you’ll end up as a great singer.

Hello. This is Ravinder. I am a great singer. You’ll find your songs in my albums. I’m a singer from India. My music is very popular in my country. I’ve recorded all the albums of suchak jhinge. I can sing very many songs. But I can’t record because of my voice. I’ll record the songs of suchak jhinge. I’ll record songs of Kishore Kumar. I’ll record songs of Ghulam Ali. The music of suchak jhinge will be great. You’ll enjoy it. Just listen to this message. It is Ravinder jhinge. He’s recording here. Suchak. This is him. Suchak. This is Ravinder jhinge.

Sonu Nigam is a great singer. He’s singing in this song. He’s singing in Marathi. Marathi movies can’t do without Sonu Nigam singing. That’s it for now. I’m so sorry. I don’t know the Marathi language. I don’t know any Marathi. Marathi is a great language. God will bless you. You’ll be the greatest singer. Only if you continue to learn Marathi language. If you learn Marathi language, you can






This post has already been read 132 times!