June 9, 2023

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The maximum occupancy in a separate bedroom shall be the number of unrelated adults who occupy the single room, based on average-sized bedrooms. For purposes of this subsection, a separate bedroom is a room that is not intended to sleep more than one person. A room that contains a container such as a sofa, sleep area, or headboard may be used for sleeping, provided that it is clearly intended as a sleeping area for use by at least one individual. In the case of a multipleperson unit, the maximum occupancy is based on any inappropriately configured unit or units. For example, if a unit is arranged to sleep three individuals, but is legally designed to sleep only four, the legally required occupancy is four.

The maximum occupancy in a bedroom, when assessed in accordance with the relevant definition, shall be the maximum occupancy of the room. For purposes of this definition, a bedroom does not include a child’s bunk or day bed that complies with the child’s safety standards.

Detention includes incarceration or involuntary commitment to a hospital, mental health facility, or other place of involuntary confinement. This includes boarding school, residential placement, or other custodial setting.

Herbivores make up the vast majority of mammalian species on our planet, but even if you’re more of a carnivore, there are still plenty of opportunities to be educated about these animals. Raccoons, opossums, shrews, bats, armadillos, nutria, chiggers and the bobcat are just a few of the native animals we have as neighbors in the wild. Here in the desert, they also visit the edges of the yard to scrounge leftover trash. There must be some attraction to the taste of cat food, though. We found dozens of wild felines on our property last year, and they are still visiting every so often. This colony started with three cats. They quickly multiplied to 11, 12 and now up to almost 50. Visit our free pet education site for info on how to care for your critters too.




This post has already been read 54 times!